We started from The Passion of classy vintage things and calligraphy art.

Cause of that we design the handmade dip pen for calligraphy with the concept

“Bring value things from the past to live again”.

with our design the product represent the minimal modern feel so well.

We truly believe that Pica could remind you of the classic and simple moment.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your artwork and make bigger things with Pica.



Co-pencil is a collaboration between PICA and CHAR CO-. We gathered the concepts and materials to design a pencil made with charcoal and brass, that why do the pencil hidden in a shirt pocket? It could be shown to everyone. we were designed to have components as jewelry. Besides, it is a pencil that creates value for charcoal and provides new experience through a different perspective of use.



PEG 2 mm. Lead holder pencil

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By aiming to create a new user experience in stationery design, conceived by the action of pinching that is familiar to our hands, we apply it to the different context, in this case, in designing a pencil. Given that the action of pinching is similar to our hands, we apply them in a different context to its precedent designs of press screw/unscrew used in writing equipment to create a new user experience in stationery design The mechanic of PEG collection is inspired by an action of pinching from a simple clothespin, aiming to create a new user experience in the field of stationery design.


Given that the action of pinching is similar to our hands and rarely used in this field compare to its precedent designs; press, pull, screw/unscrew. With pinching, it allows the pencil body to lock its 2mm lead very tight, this allows users to use the lead until the very last of its length, this is a better eco-friendly alternative of wooden pencil in which they are often threw away or lost half used. Due to simplicity of PEG pencil’s mechanism,


the design is left with only fewer essential parts, benefiting manufacturing cost and material used in the long run.